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First World Conference on Open Learning.

Date : 25-27 November 2013
place : Kuwait

Require massive developments taking place in the knowledge society in the modern era of fundamental changes in the teaching and learning processes and associated academic activities such as scientific research in various fields, especially in the field of the development of knowledge and scientific research in general, as required make gears quality in teaching and learning and skills necessary associated with it. Accordingly, institutions educational academic demand at the present time (which is able to do so ) to create an environment developed for teaching and learning in light of rapid technological progress , which is open education one of the corners fundamental in our time ; thanks to the proliferation and progress witnessed in the field of information and communication technology . All of this will help to create avenues for the dissemination of educational materials in different ways than can society accommodate learning multiple paths , and contributes to the increased participation and shared learning experiences between the various parties involved in education and learning. The urgent need for the existence of the roles clearly defined for all concerned education sector and other interested institutions teaching and learning so that all contribute to make a breakthrough in terms of the challenges and aspirations associated with this environment. With this in mind, the first World Conference on open Learning: role, challenges, aspirations, comes in the context of the attention of the Arab Open University and its commitment to contribute to the exploration of the tools and techniques of the future, and stand on challenges associated with the development of the effective educational system, and the keenness of ReDSOFT ®to employ ICT in the service of the educational system. this conference will be a platform that combines academics, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers from institutions and academic people of many countries, and will be an excellent opportunity to discuss new trends in Open Education and its associated, and to learn about the latest technology in this field, especially in the creation of solutions to the challenges related to this educational environment. conference will bring together higher education institutions, especially those concerned with the application of quality standards and methodologies of teaching and learning based on the techniques of open learning built and learning after all, in order to stimulate the components of the educational system: the teacher, the learner and the researcher and other stakeholders and professionals to participate in various seminars and workshops associated.