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Standards of designing and development interactive eContent
Course Number T0105
Language Arabic/ English
Introduction The fact that instructional design is the most important job in e-learning development projects and developing of multimedia educational software, and the impact of the instructional design on the efficiency and quality of product, it must take into account the standards and controls by writing instructional design, to ensure appropriate design the educational goals of scientific and educational desired.
Attendees will understand the educational standards and controls in writing storyboards and within instructional design, starting from the technical aspects, educational to administrative standards, to product out the image expected by the beneficiary and usable by student and teacher
Date Will be arranged
Duration 16 hours
Price 200 K.D
Venue Dr. Homoud Alsaadon hall -Regional Center for Development of Educational Software
Training Schedule
Presenter Mohamed Gehad Dorgham Projects Manager, e-Learning Expert,-The Regional Center for Development of Educational Software-ReDSOFT
Presenter Information Mr. Mohamed Gehad Dorgham is currently e-Learning projects manager and e-Learning expert at the regional center for the development of educational software (ReDSOFT). He holds a master`s degree in information technology and bachelor`s degree in computer science, Managed many of e-learning projects for a number of Arab states, participated in the development of strategic plans for e-learning, and supervised the instructional design and quality control for many of e-learning projects in the Arab region, he also organized several workshops in the field of instructional design and building e-learning applications. He participated in a number of volunteer works including the Award of His Highness Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah Informatics.
Objectives • Learner will be able to understand the Instructional Design role and Definition.
• Learner will understand Instructional Design Standards and Controls (educational, Technical, …)
Who is it for? • Who interested in Designing & Developing e-Learning Software.
• Companies with activities related to develop e-Learning Software.
• Students of University who have a relation with e-Learning Software
At the end of the course the trainee is able to
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