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Digital Video Production
Course Number T0110
Language Arabic/ English
Introduction This module will facilitate skills associated with producing high-quality, effective instructional video footage, digitizing video segments for computer-based manipulation, editing and play back,and encoding video to be delivered on the web. Product: trainees will create a digital video file that could be used in the development of future instructional website or multimedia computer programs.
Every course should fully conform to the SCORM standard
Date Will be arranged
Duration 25 Hours
Price 250 K.D
Venue Dr. Homoud Alsaadon hall -Regional Center for Development of Educational Software
Training Schedule
Presenter Abdollha Al Musleh
Presenter Information • Manage Teachers PBL Modules Development Programs. Where Teachers will be engaged directly in the creation and implementation of set of Project-based learning (PBL) modules. These Modules will enable MIS students to put workforce skills directly into practice, reflect on the knowledge and skills they have gained and relate their new acquisitions to market needs.
• Coordinate and integrate activities workforce and life skills activities as possible.
Objectives • Identify how digitized videos can be used in the classroom teaching and learning.
• Correctly operate a video camera to produce videotapes that maintain visual continuity. Edit a videotape to maintain visual continuity.
• Compress your video for distribution via the World Wide Web
Who is it for? Teachers, Professors, IT and educational professionals
At the end of the course the trainee is able to
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