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E-learning Program for Kindergarten Teachers/QPFPET

Arabic/ English
The importance of applying the technology for students in kindergarten because of its importance in the creation of a new generation of technology so that users serve as a road map for the future in an era of rapid change in a multicultural environment, including guaranteed to draw attention to the heuristic.
16/02/2014 - 18/02/2014
12 hours
120 K.D
Dr. Homoud Alsaadon hall -Regional Center for Development of Educational Software


Time hourly

Course Name




Create interactive lessons using sto1

First day



Create interactive lessons using sto2

Second day



Generation  educational video using iPAD applications

Third day

The learner in the end of training will be able to: 
 1- Design of digital stories for Children. 
 2- Prepare interactive lessons for children 
 3- Making of cartoon films for students 
 4- Using the I Pad in the classroom
For people who wants to apply e-learning in KG.