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Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)
Course Number T0113
Language Arabic/ English
Introduction This new course offers five days of training that will help teachers to develop the knowledge and skills needed to create high-quality, pedagogically aligned e-Learning in the smart class environment. Although intensive, the course is based on the informal and flexible approach that makes training so successful. It also provides an accelerated route to completing the Professional Whiteboard User Qualification. Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) have become widespread across the education sector in recent years. Are they being used well by the staff that has access to them? This training course explores the possibilities provided by these devices. It discusses the pedagogic and curricular implications, gives grounding in their main features and provides practical experience in using them.
Date Will be arranged
Duration 25 Hours
Price 250 K.D
Venue Dr. Homoud Alsaadon hall -Regional Center for Development of Educational Software
Training Schedule
Presenter Nilhan Siam
Presenter Information • Over 11 years of professional experience within the area of Management Information Streams; extensive expertise on designing MIS related curriculum, projects and training.
• Curriculum development, technology integration in education, in-service training, e-learning project design and implementation.
• Management Information Stream Curriculum Development Manager
• Jordan Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy Support Project
• Academy for Educational Development USAID Funded Project , Amman, Jordan
• Develop the education matrix for the Management Information Stream (MIS)-Online Curriculum Development Project and determine goals for program outcomes, including student competencies and skills.
• Manage the programmatic aspects of MIS-Online including the review and approval of all submitted materials and the development of project activities for students.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of the MIS-Online project “E-learning enrichment materials for MIS” which includes identifying learning outcomes, designing instructional materials and developing 26 e-learning modules and 6 teacher modules.
• Maintain and strengthen communications with clients and the general public and manage relationships between partner companies and the site-based team.
• Collaborate with the instructional designers and assess their implementation of the MIS-Online program.
• Organize MIS-Online training sessions for both teachers and students to facilitate the accessibility and use of newly developed materials.
• Train all pilot school teachers on Technology Innovative Programs adopted by the ERfKE Support Project (ESP) and manage ESP Subject Specific Training Programs
Objectives • To have practical experience of using these devices
• To explore incorporating IWBs into lessons and activities
• To investigate the types of systems available and their main features
• To understand of how these systems can improve student attention and participation
• To gain the skills to use IWBs as effective teaching tools
Who is it for? Teachers, Professors and educational professionals
At the end of the course the trainee is able to
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