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Who Can Benefit from the Program?
Benefits for:
Under what conditions an IC3 certificate is provided?
What opportunities are provided for an IC3 certified trainee?
Required Training Materials
Tests & Results
Electronic Records

An educational program issued by Certiport International Company (the only agent for Microsoft Programs in the region). This program is internationally the first in the field of training and accreditation depending on professional standards of measuring the knowledge of the user in Internet, Computing principles and concepts. In addition, it is the only program that is internationally accredited to provide the user with basic computer information as it gives specific directions about required skills and knowledge to effectively and usefully utilize the computer and internet services and operate several computer programs, which will enable the user to utilize these programs in successful management for commercial projects and accordingly improve performance, income, and reputation.
IC3 certificate was prepared and designed by more than 270 experts from 19 countries. It is accredited and approved by more than 130 countries all over the world in more than 12000 training centers and available on 23 languages beside Arabic language. Moreover, the certificate was recommended by the American Education Board, which gives the opportunity for IC3 certified inpiduals to be accepted in over 3600 American universities & colleges.

Who Can Benefit from the Program?
for those who need to understand the basics of computer, IC3 program provides them in short time with the essential knowledge, information, and experience required to operate and use a computer.
Educational Organizations: IC3 program is an internationally accredited comprehensive reference for teachers and trainers; it can be effectively utilized in preparing educational materials that include basic information about computing and internet for concerned students.
Companies & E-Government: private and public companies can utilize IC3 to qualify their employees and improve their performance which will accordingly improve the revenue of technologic investment by comprehensive utilization of modern standards in computing and net-working field. IC3 provides clear methodology to educate employees about principles of computer use and upgrade their abilities to work at the E-Government projects.

Benefits for:

An establishmentarian certificate: as it qualifies and prepares the student for higher specialized certificates like (MOS Microsoft Office Specialist) certificate and (Network+) certificate and many others in the field of maintenance and networks.
Internationally, it provides student with a better opportunity to join American Universities as it has a recommendation from American Education Board.
Confidence: being on a high level of knowledge, skills, and experience in computer and internet operations gives the students a high self-confidence and provides them with the required skills to succeed in the "Digital World" time.
Employment Opportunities: an IC3 certified student will be well-recognized for his faculty and between his colleagues, and accordingly will be highly recommended for any employment opportunity in-which his/her computer skills and knowledge will be effectively utilized.

Teachers, Trainers, and Academic Organizations
An International Evaluation Tool: IC3 certificate is considered to be a trusted evaluation tool that enables teachers and trainers to evaluate the computer skills gained by their students.
Technology in Classroom – Education Technology: IC3 can be the first step to establish a comprehensive technology in classroom, enabling the trainers to utilize computer technology to achieve a rich and effective educational experience.
Technology Pioneers: IC3 program assists in establishing schools, academies, educational institutions, and training centers with high technological capabilities.
Electronic Processing & Results: the electronic system for providing tests results saves time, efforts, and cost of preparing students evaluations
Improving Trainer Knowledge & Skills: an IC3 certified trainer has a comprehensive computer knowledge and skills which maintains a high self-confidence; as the IC3 certificate trainer is considered to be an internationally accredited trainer by Certiport Company

Business Owners
Easy Selection: when international standards of computer skills are provided; it is easy for business owners to select and employ highly qualified staff.
Improvement of Employees Knowledge & Skills: this can express how a business owner is concerned in improving the knowledge and skills of his employees by selecting the best training programs and supporting them with international certificates, which will increase the loyalty of employees and accordingly improve their performance and productivity
Improve Productivity: computer industry show’s and prove how employees productivity improve and revenue of technologic invistement is increased through the proper application and utilization of computer program by employees.
Decrease the Need of External Support: when employees’ performance is already improved, there will be no need for external technologic support and save the cost of any external assistance
Performance Evaluation: the program will provide business owners with an accurate evaluation of employees’ computer skills and performance.

International Accreditation : IC3 certificate is provided by an internationally accredited and approved company in the field of technologic support which makes the certificate an impressive party in the curriculum vitae of a candidate.
Employees Self Confidence: being skillful in using computer programs and internet services with enable an employee/or candidate to provide prompt and proper solution for professional obstacles or problems facing work, for-which and employee/candidate will be well recognized and preferred for the employer.
Improve employment opportunities: IC3 certificate is guaranteed as a unique certificate for its content. it enable it’s carrier to meet the expectation of an employer and successfully fulfill his needs and requirements.
An establishmentarian certificate: as it qualifies and prepares the student for higher specialized certificates like (MOS Microsoft Office Specialist) certificate and (Network+) certificate and many others in the field of maintenance and networks.
Value calefaction: Ic3 provide the employee with an international accreditation of being highly qualified and skillful in his field.

Under what conditions an IC3 certificate is provided?
A candidate needs to pass three tests:
• Computing Fundamentals
• Key Applications
• Living Online
Those aim to measure computer knowledge and skills of the candidates through written tests and performance activities. Each test takes 45 minutest and can be applied at any IC3 accredited center. The tests are available in 22 languages including Arabic.

1- Computing Fundamentals
Computer hardware: through which different types of computers are introduced, computers mechanism, computer main contents, and main factors affecting the speed and efficiency of a computer’s performance.
Computer software: through which different computer programs and functions are introduced, and how a computer program can be developed.
Operating System using the Windows XP: how does it work? How to control (files, desktop, discs, and computer tools)? In addition to downloading programs, and other different skills used in Windows program.
2- Key Applications
Common Program Functions: in this part: the principles of each office program will be explained in addition to the common tools between these programs.
Word Processing Functions, including how to deal with text files (saving, opening, closing, printing, editing …), tables and drawing.
Spreadsheet Program, including how to deal with spread sheets (tables), editing, processing by formulas and charts.
Microsoft Office Power Point, includes dealing with presentations, editing, animations, designs, colors and themes, and focus was on presentations at academic institutions and non-academic subjects to introduce important both for students or to the governing body.
3- Living Online Program
This program includes:
An introduction of internet and networks; as it covers the basics of networks, advantages and disadvantages, networks utilities, how to establish a network, required tools, types of networks, connection between computer networks, in addition to other types of networks like phone networks.
An introduction of email; how to use it, how is it utilized, sending & receiving, how to operate and use outlook program
Internet uses, websites, resources, and searching engines, in addition to different internet skills.
As well as covering an introduction to computer problems in the society, different uses of computer in society, work, schools, and home, knowing the problems facing the user of computer hardware and software, safe and proper ways of using internet resources from security & legal aspects.

What opportunities are provided for an IC3 certified trainee?
IC3 is considered the first step to improve the following skills:
And that is through comprehensive and deep knowledge of different parts of the computer in addition to the A+ networks and maintenance system, and the main concepts of A+ which are basically required to be certified in operating Windows program and would certify the applicant to prepare for MCSA, MCSE, Networks + and Cisco tests

Required Training Materials
1. Original books (prepared and printed in USA)
2. CDs
3. Mentor & Benchmark self-learning system; which has been created by Certiport Company.

Tests & Results

An applicant should join one of the approved centers for EITC for examination and training as to be able to receive the tests schedule. Each test takes 45 minutes, an applicant can receive the result of each test immediately, also an applicant can have a report in-which his result and weakness points – if any – are mentioned. An approved certificate will be provided for the applicant who passes the whole 3 tests, in addition to having a process to any other information the applicant needs to know through the free digital service that is provided on the Website of Certiport Company.

Electronic Records
Certiport Co. provides you with access to all your records to take all information you need about your tests, results, reports, and certificate through the company's website.

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