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MOS 2007
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MOS 2007

MOS 2007 program is one of Certiport International Co. (the only Microsoft programs agent) curricula and programs, and a part of Microsoft Business Certification Program; an internationally well known and recognized Microsoft program that is issued for different information technology companies working in the field of technical support and training.

This certificate proves that its carrier is skillfully qualified to operate Microsoft Office 2007 programs and applications; which enables the user to accomplish office tasks and projects promptly and effectively

MOS 2007 is a modern and updated program; specialized in all Office 2007 programs. It also equals the MOS 2003 programs although it includes the following tests:
1. Word 2007
2. Excel 2007
3. PowerPoint 2007
4. Access 2007
5. Outlook 2007
MOS 2007 certified people prove that have the required skills to accomplish their tasks at a work environment.

Why is it useful for:
MOS 2007 certified individuals can efficiently operate and apply the most recent Microsoft Office 2007 programs, which qualifies them to compete in work at international levels, and provides them with great recruitment opportunities as it guaranties achieving good revenue.
Business Owners?
Those who hire MOS 2007 certified people find that their employees have high productivity abilities through utilizing Microsoft Office 2007 features. This certificate can facilitate the process of selecting candidates for vacancies, evaluate employees, and provide promotions which will motivate employees to improve their productivity and accordingly increase the revenue of the business.
Academic Institutions?
MOS 2007 provides both Teachers & Administrators with the required qualifications to consist with the continuous and rapid advancement of work requirements
Employment Companies?
Employment companies will be able to recommend highly qualified candidates with international certificates, high quality abilities, advanced skills, and high productivity candidates; which will make the company a highly recommended resource of candidates and improve its reputation.
Through MOS 2007 certificate; government will be able to update the skills and qualifications of its executive staffs and support them with international qualifications. MOS 2007 certificate also will facilitate the evaluation of employees accomplishments and improve their productivity.

Under what conditions can MOS 2007 Certificate be provided?
MOS 2007 certificate proves that its carrier is skillful and qualified to operate Microsoft Office 2007 programs and applications. Training and tests will be available in all international languages by the middle of the year 2008.

This program includes specialty in:
1- Microsoft Word 2007: this program directs the user step-by-step starting by basic principles of using Word 2007 and reaching to its most complicated tasks and applications. It enables the user to establish and format different types of documents, edit and adjust texts using the option of Find & Replace which facilitates applying changes on the whole text in an accurate command, apply spelling and grammar modifications, apply required procedures for the text, divide text, add page numbers, trace, accept, or deny changes, add tables, lists, and different types of charts and pictures, use different font formats to design frontal pages, add different information bars, marks, and selected texts to the document. if the user is establishing a technical document, he will be able also to add numbers and addresses, headers & footers, insert comments, and establish index, send messages to a large number of recipients as Word provides the option of merging the document into mail message with the ability of enclosing digital signature.
2- Microsoft Excel 2007: this program introduces the user to the basic principles of using Excel 2007, information about columns and cells at worksheets, how to insert, edit, and replace data, ability to protect data, assort numbers and cells, control data in cells, add, modify, arrange, and delete columns and rows, prepare, arrange, and print worksheets, add explanatory comment to cells, establish axial tables that help in examining relations between data, ability to create and modify formulas, apply conditional formulas, create, edit, modify, and apply charts to achieve the conclusion of data analysis and classification. In addition; the user will be able to connect data, manage changes, protect, share, prepare, distribute, and save the worksheet as a separated file.
3- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: this program enables the user to establish presentations on separated slides with the ability to add the required slide when needed, arrange slides, apply the required modifications to text boxes, use the Smart Art and WordArt applications, use different fonts, apply colorful backgrounds, add animated or fixed effects, add multimedia effects (audio & video) to the selected slides, review, preview, and protect the presentation to guarantee providing a professional slideshow.
4- Microsoft Access 2007: this program introduces the user to databases, how to establish a database and establish tables, modify data, establish fields, forms, and reports, create and edit space for information inquiries, understand the access program and properly utilize it to manage and keep routine databases. It also enables the user to connect different Office programs together and utilize this combination to enrich the whole group performance.
5- Microsoft Outlook 2007: it provides the user to the basic principles to manage electronic correspondences, enables him to establish and send emails, check and verify mail delivery to recipient, display, read and reply to received emails, forward received emails to a third party, add attachments to outgoing emails, open attachments at received emails, establish and manage electronic signature through message receiving option. It also enables the user to use the calendar and the communication information volumes, schedule personal and professional appointments on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis by emailing an appointment request or invitation to concerned parties, and then replying to them, set time & date, and coordinate with colleagues to attend meetings. In addition; the user can save incoming and outgoing emails as a record and classify emails according to senders and recipients with the ability to easily recall any email. The user is also able to establish an additional appointment record (Agenda).

Why was MOS 2007 Certificate created?
It is a special training way and an evaluation method for the computer user skills in Microsoft Office 2007 programs and Windows Vista operation program
To evaluate the productivity of a computer user and the quality standard achieved by utilizing computer programs and applications, as this certificate enables certified users to improve their performance, increase their productivity, and upgrade the quality of services provided by them through properly utilizing these computer programs.
Provide the opportunity for certified users to improve their abilities using the most wild spread Microsoft programs
MOS 2007 professional training assists in fulfilling the needs of qualified and professional individuals at their work environment.

Required Training Materials
1. Original books (prepared and printed in USA)
2. Electronic experimental exams

Where & How can you apply for MOS Tests & Results?

An applicant should join one of the approved centers for EITC for examination and training as to be able to receive the tests schedule. Each test takes 50 minutes, an applicant can receive the result of each test immediately, also an applicant can have a report in-which his result and weakness points – if any – are mentioned. An approved certificate will be provided for the applicant who passes the one of 7 tests, in addition to having a process to any other information the applicant needs to know through the free digital service that is provided on the Website of Certiport Company.

Accredited MOS Trainer Certificate
1 An internationally accredited certificate provided by an international specialized company.
2 Proves that its carrier is qualified to teach and train.
3 And an accredited trainer, your skills in using Microsoft Office 2007 applications are approved and credible.

Electronic Records:
Certiport Co. provides you with access to all your records to take all information you need about your tests, results, reports, and certificate through the company's website.

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