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MOS 2010
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MOS 2010

Did you know?
Why was MOS certificate created?
Who is concerned with MOS?
Why is it useful for:
Under what conditions can MOS Certificate be provided?
How you get Master MOS Certificate?
Where & How can you apply for MOS Tests & Results?
Accredited MOS Trainer Certificate
Required Training Materials
Electronic Records

MOS is an educational program issued by Certiport International Company (the only agent for Microsoft Programs in the region). The program aims to improve the office skills which will improve the productivity of an MOS certified individuals and accordingly provides them with the employment priority. MOS is considered to be one of the most recognized certificates at Microsoft Co. and many Information Technology & Technical Support Training Companies.
It was proved by statistics that many big firms are considering Microsoft Office to be an effective tool to improve their productivity, as well; Microsoft Office became an essential aspect in their plans and Microsoft Office Specialists became highly requested and recommended to work at these companies.
MOS certificate proves that its carrier is skillful and highly qualified to apply Microsoft Office programs and properly utilize those to achieve the highest productivity and the best results. MOS program is the only Microsoft accredited program that evaluates the ability to use Microsoft Office programs and applications, and there are mover than 9000 Microsoft Office Specialized examination centers all over the world.

Did you know?
That training by Microsoft Office Specialist Authorized Trainers is considered to be the best way to pass the Microsoft Tests using the (Specialist Master Instructors) approved training materials.

Why was MOS certificate created?
It is a special training way and an evaluation method for the computer user skills in Microsoft Office programs
There is no doubt that this certificate enables the professional computer users to evaluate their productivity and the quality of services and improve both by proper and effective utilization of their Microsoft Office skills, which is considered to be the most wildly spread and applied computer programs in the professional field.

Who is concerned with MOS?
All those working in administrative and business fields (secretaries, business owners, administrators, …)
Students and teachers
Those who are aiming to evaluate their professional skills
Companies: to select their new candidates for employment and improve their current employees, improve their productivity by utilizing new skills that their employees would earn through MOS program, utilize the Microsoft Office programs to find immediate solutions, and saving cost and time by qualifying their employees to accomplish their tasks using MOS programs and applications.

Why is it useful for:

it provides students with sophisticated computer skills, supports their self-confidence, improve their performance and enables them to accomplish their tasks promptly and with high quality for-which they will become well-recognized. Also the student will be supported with an international certificate which will give him the priority at work market.
Schools & Universities?
Providing this certificate at a school/university will improve its reputation and motivate students to join it, as this certificate will save students around 6 university hours and will provide them with the opportunity of having scholarships in well-known American Universities.
Training Centers?
It enables a training center to expand its scope of service and provide more offers and services to cover the needs and requirements of the market for highly qualified individuals, also to provide its students and trainees with international certificates that will support their employment opportunities.
It enables a company to evaluate the abilities and skills of its current employees and candidates expected to be hired.

Under what conditions can MOS Certificate be provided?
A candidate should pass the following tests:
1. Word Core: this program enables its user to establish, edit, move, save, and close several kinds of text documents. A user can also control the font size, color, and type of the text; add tables, columns, charts, symbols, pictures, and clip arts. In addition to control and change the final appearance of the document.
2. Word Expert: this program enables the user to organize the text, divide it, design and provide suggestions that can be informative in future, add and edit text, add pictures, require data from other resources, arrange the text into lists or tables, apply mathematic operations, merge messages from different resources using XML, apply modifications on forms, add suitable backgrounds for documents, control margins, and ability to protect files and forms.
3. Excel Core: this program introduces Excel to the user and enables him to prepare complications, apply different mathematic operations on numiral data, change the appearance of the document, merge, rearrange, and analyze data from different resources, establish plans, and proceed with data bases.
4. Excel Expert: this program enables the user to arrange and analyze the data using the provided tools, evaluate the forms, edit and organize data and contents, add conditional formulas, add pictures, charts and designs into tables, protect cells and worksheets and the whole file, import and export data, create and add forms, support data, detect and automatically modify errors.
5. PowerPoint: this program enables the user to prepare presentations professionally. A PowerPoint user can control the design and color of slides, add animation, add charts and pictures.
6. Access: this program enables the user to establish new data bases, add new data through specified forms, easily recall and modify data, analyze data to find statistical results, provide analysis results into explanatory charts, and protect data.
7. Outlook: this program enables the user to manage emailing process, arrange responsibilities and tasks, facilitate the supervision of tasks accomplishment, schedule meetings and events with different parties, establish special mail volumes, save and keep mails (documentation).

To earn a Master MOS Certificate; an applicant should pass four exams of the earlier mentioned group:
1. Word Expert
2. Excel Expert
3. PowerPoint
4. Access Or Outlook

Where & How can you apply for MOS Tests & Results?
An applicant should join one of the MOS approved and accredited centers holding the following mark:

Each test takes 50 minutes, an applicant can receive the result of each test immediately, also an applicant can have a report in-which his result and weakness points – if any – are mentioned. An approved certificate will be provided for the applicant who passes the One of 4 tests, in addition to having a process to any other information the applicant needs to know through the free digital service that is provided on the Website of Certiport Company.

Accredited MOS Trainer Certificate
An internationally accredited certificate provided by an international specialized company.
Proves that its carrier is qualified to teach and train
And an accredited trainer, your skills in using Microsoft Office applications are approved and credible.
The name of MOS certified trainer is added to the international data base for accredited MOS trainers.

Required Training Materials
1. Original books (prepared and printed in USA)
2. Mentor & Benchmark self-learning system; which has been created by Certiport Company.

Electronic Records:
Certiport Co. provides you with access to all your records to take all information you need about your tests, results, reports, and certificate through the company's website.

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