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Adobe Certified Associate
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Adobe Certified Associate

ACA is an advanced program issued by Certiport International Co. (the only Microsoft programs agent). This program aims to fulfill the local market needs for skillful individuals in graphic design programs. It enables them to work in an advanced and updated technology work environment. ACA certified people, can provide designs within different dimensions with shapes, animated pictures, and colorful effects; these abilities of ACA certified individuals will save the employer the cost of assistance from other graphic design specialized parties, which will reduce expenses and increase revenues.

The program is designed to provide information in a simple and interesting way that can attract and suit different society categories, enableling them to add pictures and animated pictures to their worksheets that would add an attractive effect to the text.

Adobe program provides a certificate that proves its carrier professional skills in the followings:
1. Web communications using Deamweaver 8
2. Multimedia & Communications using Flash

Adobe is now provided with three new certificates:
1. Web communications using Dreamweaver CS3 & CS4
2. Multimedia & Communications using Flash CS3 & CS4
3. Visual Communications using Photoshop CS3 & CS4 & CS5  Extended

Why is it useful for:
ACA certified individuals can easily operate graphic design programs, have experience in operating the most wild spread graphic design programs, can utilize Adobe Multimedia applications, design and establish Website pages, use several design techniques which enables them to provide graphic designs that can compete on local and international levels, and provides them with great recruitment opportunities as they have an international certificate with good experience.
ACA certificate added to a student CV proves that the student has the experience in graphic design field.
Business Owners?
Hiring skillful and experienced employees can affect the performance and productivity of the business through saving cost and time; which will place the business at a leading edge; especially for those who require using multimedia and digital methods. Those have a demanding motive to recruit graphic design specialists that are able and capable to design, establish, and update any graphic design project required from them. Employers trust ACA certified employees.
Academic Institutions?
ACA provides students, teachers, and administrators with the required qualifications and the opportunity to be well-recognized in accomplishing their tasks and responsibilities in a professional command and with short period of time. It provides them with modern teaching methods and improves their performance in classroom. ACA certified teachers are able to accomplish and fulfill advanced job requirements.
Employment Companies?
Digital communications skills are developing on daily bases for the job of graphic design, video production, establishment of marketing websites for any business; which made recruitment companies prefer candidates who are certified and qualified in graphic design as they will be able to recommend highly qualified candidates with international certificates, high quality abilities, advanced skills, and high productive candidates; which will make the company a highly recommended resource of candidates and improve its reputation.
Government prefers to provide its administrative staffs with certificates like ACA; which enable them to accomplish their design tasks with high quality and creation command and with no need for outer support.

ACA Certification Requirements?
ACA certification requires passing three tests, those are:
1- Dearmweaver:
It is a part of Macromedia specialized training programs series, nevertheless; it the leading program in websites developing tools and advanced design supported with visual and audio effects in easy and interesting way; as it provides the user with required techniques to start and operate the graphic design program, discover its tools, establish and design websites, apply required modifications using most recent technological applications and advancements, add pictures and tables to web pages, use Hyperlinks, check files and pictures on website, apply different tools and options (like Find & Replace), add notes and comments, establish SSC shapes and user-navigation connection, add light bottoms and text to the web page.

Dearmweaver program covers the following topics:
• All project requirements
• Planning to design web pages
• Understand Dearweaver Macromedia
• Add contents
• Manage and modify contents
• Evaluate and improve the website

2- Photoshop:
This program turns the user from being a beginner to become a professional in the field of graphic design. It improves and updates the level of the user, improves his abilities to establish masks and add audio and visual effects to improve the image, in addition to using video files.

Photoshop program covers the following topics:
• Discovering the environment and connection of Photoshop and navigation tools.
• Control, modify, and save all picture's parts
• Establish, modify, arrange, collect, and display different types of layers
• Improve picture through retouches, drawing lines, converting picture into Black & White mode, merge layers, then save picture to web pate and print.
• Manage principles with Adobe program and operate Adobe Bridge applications
• Cut layers, establish and modify picture using fast coverage, improve the image using Photoshop tools, establish required pictures, pieces, and patterns, establish special effects, display and improve video files, in addition to performing automatic tasks.

3- Flash:
This program sets the standards of creating and interacting with desktop tools, enables the user to add animated pictures, videos, texts, audio files, and charts to the desktop; which will upgrade the quality and expand the scope of utilization of different digital tools, in addition to the ability to exchange files between desktop and mobile phones.

Flash program covers the following topics:
• All project requirements
• Knowledge of rich-media design requirements and specifications
• Understand Macromedia Flash
• Establish and evaluate a rich-media specification

Where & How can you apply for MOS Tests & Results?
An applicant should join one of the ACA approved and accredited centers holding the following marks:

to receive the schedule. Each test takes 50 minutes, an applicant can receive the result of each test immediately, also an applicant can have a report in-which his result and weakness points if any are mentioned. An approved certificate will be provided for the applicant who passes the whole 3 tests, in addition to having a process to any other information the applicant needs to know through the free digital service that is provided on the Website of Certiport Company.

Electronic Records:
Certiport Co. provides you with access to all your records to take all information you need about your tests, results, reports, and certificate through the company's website.
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