About icdd2014

We have revolutionized information and communication radical changes in social and economic that prevailed until the beginning of the eighties in societies alike albeit relatively slowly in developing countries, to become the information to dominate all life sciences, and will see the information technology developments in the future to become more than we can imagine now. The positive look now for persons with disabilities and learning difficulties at an advanced stage than before seen as ineffective and unproductive in society, Many factors over the previous years has helped in This shift, as the international interest for this category is emerging as a key factor in some countries has become an integral part of policy-making related to the concept of integrated community development for all members of society alike, the most important achievement of the bulk of equal opportunities and equality and participation of persons with disabilities and learning difficulties with Other members of the community without discrimination related to disability or health condition. Perhaps the wide interest and great in the field of education has become of the basics that are relied upon to provide various services for persons with disabilities and learning difficulties, and with the development and the technological revolution experienced by the world, whether in the use of means and media knowledge, information exchange and communication between different cultures and societies has become necessary to introduce the development in the area serve persons with disabilities and learning difficulties, to facilitate follow-up process and keep abreast of developments to make these individuals more able to integrate with their communities and make them more able to take effective and practical for the advancement and progress of society in which they live, and therefore a positive impact on various aspects of their lives with the rest of society. Hence the need for and the call from the Regional Center for Development of Educational Software (ReDSOFT) for the establishment of the 2nd International Conference on: ICT Serving Disabilities and Learning Difficulties (icdd2014).